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Completed SD 13 Doll Armor

It's been a while in coming, but it's finally here.  The Doll Armor I was working on long ago is finally finished.  It's a traditionally water hardened breastplate, backplate and spaulders, with a flexible corset and vambraces.  All of the buckles are functional tiny 1/4" brass plated buckles.  The armor surface is tooled and the embossed areas are painted gold.  It fits the Volks SD13 ball jointed doll Boy body.   It's real armor... only smaller.  It's now on it's way to California with the body it's modeled on.  One of our firends was kind enough to loan us the SD13 body to use as a body reference for the armor.  I had uber tiny inlaid chainmail to go with this armor, but at that size, I think I may have gone blind if I continued.  It twould take longer to make that tiny shirt, than it would take me to make a full sized one.  Well I might pick it up again, when I feel particularly insane that day. 

Well here it is, The last pic has a 12 inch ruler for scale.



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