Studio Kensai (studio_kensai) wrote,
Studio Kensai

Elven Composite Armor from DragonCon 2008

Hi everyone,  here are the pics of the armor I wore at DragonCon this year.  It is a composite armor, made of  thick cuirbouille hardened leather overlayed with brass sheet, and then overlayed again in hand-cut embossed leather so the brass shows through.  The maille shirt I posted before DCon is under it and  a set of composite vambraces are fitted over the integral vambraces on the maille shirt.  The breastplate articulates below the sterrnum so that it can collapse and allow me to bend forward.  The upper molded backplate is not joined to the corset lower torso armor, so it allows me to twist and bend.  I have full range of motion and all of the buckle strap ends tuck back into the armor for a very clean uncluttered silhouette.  The leather gorget protects my throat and shows my rank pips (used to be a Star Trek fan, couldn't help it.) 

Designwise, it borrows heavily from my old Elven Armor with the eagle wing and vine motif.  It's MUCH more comfortable than my old armor though it's heavier and it offers significantly more protection.  Now it's time to make a new bow and quiver to go with it :)



Tags: armor elven leather chainmail larp drago

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