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Studio Kensai, makers of fine armor and weapons

Studio Kensai
2 December 1975
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This is the official blog for Studio Kensai, a multimedia company specializing in custom leather armor, mosaic chainmail, custom swords, custom archery equipment, and graphic design and illustration. Studio Kensai has won numerous costuming awards and is reknowned for producing exquisite hand tooled leather armor, hardened in the cuirbouille tradition. It is fully functional and surprisingly comfortable to wear. We produce battle ready swords in tempered 1095 high carbon steel, perfectly balanced, in both historical reproductions and fantasy inspired designs. Any steel sword we make, we can also recreate as perfectly balanced theatrical and film swords in 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Another unique product we make is mosaic chainmail, using colored anodized aluminum rings to create patterns and pictures in the chainmail. We also create high end archery equipment like quivers, arrows, longbows for hunters, competitors, re-enactors, costuming, and LARP. Some of our exclusive designs will be soon be available through 3RiversArchery.com. The staff of Studio Kensai have an extensive background in design and illustration, producing comics, advertising, and taking commissions for paintings and illustrations.